Lesson Summary:

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to plan and design your water systems. You’ll learn how to locate the best positions for 1. dams/ponds and 2. header water tanks in the landscape. After sitting dams/ponds high in the landscape,  you’ll learn how to 3. design drains that will harvest rainwater runoff across the site and fill your water storages: tanks, cisterns and ponds or dams. Finally, you’ll learn how to 4. design the systems to reticulate or move that stored water from the dams to where it’s most needed with irrigation pipes and water channels.

Action steps:

  1. Download the Designing for Water Workbook
  2. Plan your water harvesting systems 
  3. Design your water systems (example)
    • design dams/ponds and tanks
    • design harvesting drains
    • design diversion drains and irrigation pipes
  4. Proceed to the next lesson: Setting up the Infrastructure


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