P.I.P. is a system specifically designed for permaculture farmers and homesteads who are starting out with their farm or homestead development, who are mostly doing things on their own, and need practical guidance on implementation.

The program provides you with the practical tools so you know exactly WHAT to do WHEN, and HOW, with a specific focus on growing food (food forests + annual gardens).

What’s included?

The system has 4 main components:

  • THE BIG PICTURE that gives you an overview of the hands-on work required to grow food an abundance of food
  • YEARLY PLAN that outlines WHAT to do in a year to kickstart your farm and produce an abundance of food with food forests and annual gardens
  • IMPLEMENTATION GUIDES that explain HOW to do the WHAT (step-by-step implementation guidance for each project)
  • PERMACULTURE IMPLEMENTATION CALENDAR(s) that explains WHEN to do the WHAT in your climate zone