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Video Lesson Summary:

In permaculture farming, there are optimal times for each task on our to-do list. Sometimes all the difference between success and failure is timing. That’s why you want to follow a calendar that has specific start and end dates so that we don’t miss out on nature’s deadlines.

Permaculture Implementation Calendar, the simplified version, shows you the best times to perform each task from the yearly plans. The full version of the calendar expands on that and covers almost all aspects of permaculture farm establishment and maintenance.

You choose a climate-relevant calendar, make your own editable copy and then you’re ready to use it.

Action Steps:

STEP 1. Download the step-by-step guide on how to make a copy of the Permaculture Implementation Calendar. (Est. time required: 2 min.)

STEP 2. Create an editable copy of the relevant calendar showcased below. (Est. time required: 5 min.)

STEP 3. Start implementing your personalized yearly plan!



 Temperate climate (oceanic)

North Hemisphere II South Hemisphere



Temperate climate (continental)

North Hemisphere II South Hemisphere


Subtropical climate

North Hemisphere II South Hemisphere


Mediterranean climate

North Hemisphere II South Hemisphere


Boreal climate

North Hemisphere 


In addition to the simplified version of the calendar, which focuses on food-growing tasks only, there is a full version of the calendar that has everything on it.

This is a holistic practical permaculture calendar that encompasses all the various aspects of permaculture farm establishment and maintenance.

You can access the Full Permaculture Calendar here.

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