Welcome, on this page, you’ll find your full yearly month-by-month permaculture calendar.

The Permaculture Implementation Calendar is the first of its kind and encompasses all the diverse aspects of permaculture farm establishment and maintenance.

The full version is super useful as a “forever calendar”, a “dashboard” that gives you a broad overview of everything you need to do on the farm in one place.

It will help you to be more organized, and you’ll be able to optimize things on your farm. This is because you’ll know at all times what you should be doing right now, what’s coming, what the right timing is for various tasks, and you’ll have reminders so that you don’t miss the seasonal deadlines.

It’s useful in three scenarios:

(1) First as an overview of the timing of all farm tasks in one place. This is useful if you know WHAT to do, but want to have a guide that tells you WHEN you need to do those things.

(2) The second is to use it in planning what you COULD do at any time of the year.

You open it and have a list of tasks that you can do, for example, March, April, May, or any other time of the year.

useful in planning what you COULD do at any time of the year.

(3) The third is to use it to update the existing simplified calendar.

If you adapt or customize any of the yearly plans with new tasks you can find the task on this calendar and then copy it to your simplified calendar so that you know the exact timing for it.

There are, in total, seven calendars you can access below:

Temperate climate (oceanic)

North Hemisphere II South Hemisphere

Temperate climate (continental)

North Hemisphere II South Hemisphere

Mediterranean climate

North Hemisphere II South Hemisphere

Boreal climate

North Hemisphere 

Subtropical climate

North Hemisphere II South Hemisphere


If you have any recommendations on how to make the calendars better then please let me know. I’m always looking for ways to make these more useful for you.


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