Welcome to Section 1: WHAT to do — YOUR YEARLY PLAN

On this page, you’ll get an outline of the exact plan you should follow across the year if you want to kickstart your farm and start producing an abundance of food. 

This will be the game plan that shows you what route to take, what you need to prioritize, what projects to tackle first, and what to leave out. And it will give you the confidence to move forward, as you’ll be able to focus on projects that really gets thing moving and be able to avoid common mistakes.

Watch the video below to get started.

Video Lesson Summary:

Permaculture has many design ideas and implementation methods, which can be overwhelming as there is too much information to absorb, and too many things try in practice.

That’s why, to avoid analysis paralysis and start implementing the right way, you need a plan that clearly outlines a set of practical, proven steps arranged in the correct order. In this section, you’ll get access to such a plan that maps out clearly what to do across the year.

The plan’s focus is on growing food, so it’s split into two categories, one for growing a food forest and one for growing annual gardens. And it showcases the stages or overall steps you need to take in establishing these systems, gives you the breakdown of tasks you could do in each stage, and pinpoints the timing for these stages and tasks.

Since we are all dealing with different variables, the plan will always be context-specific. That’s why, to help you decide where to actually start and what exactly to do, you also get a flowchart that will recommend a specific protocol you should implement for a specific scenario you are faced with.

Action Steps:

Step 1. Watch a bonus presentation where I illustrate how to put the yearly plan into action by showing you what I did when I was starting with my food forest.

Step 2. Download or make a copy of the yearly plan. (See Instructions on how to do this here.)

Step 3. Download the flowchart. (See Instructions on how to do this here.)

Step 4. Proceed to the next lesson: Your Plug and Play Protocols



    FYI, the bonus video link is not working – takes you to a “we couldn’t find that page” message. Thanks!

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      Thanks, It’s fixed now.

  2. Carole Boos

    Nice video; beautiful countryside.

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      Thank you!


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