On this page, you’ll find all the relevant information about updates to the PIC system.

If at any time you have specific recommendations about how to improve the system let me know by leaving a comment below or filling out this form.


 –> Updated the flowchart and the plug-and-play protocols to include Mediterranean and Subtropical climate considerations.

–> Added two new protocols specifically developed for mediterranean and subtropical climates: Food Forest with Swales Establishment Protocol (Winter Planting) and Food Forest w/o Swales Establishment Protocol (Winter Planting).

Note: In contrast to other temperate zone climates, in which there are two planting windows, in mediterranean and subtropical climates climates, late fall/winter is the only recommended planting window. These updates reflect this specific consideration.


  • General Platform Updates

–> New curriculum with three main sections and updated content: 1. Yearly Plan 2. Plug and Play Protocols (& Implementation Guides) 3. Permaculture Implementation Calendar

  • Plug and Play Protocols

–> Added 5 new food forest protocols: food forest with swales establishment protocol (spring planting), food forest with swales establishment protocol (fall planting), food forest w/o swales establishment protocol (spring planting), food forest w/o swales establishment protocol (fall planting), food forest maintenance protocol.

–> Added 2 new permaculture garden protocols: new garden protocol, existing garden protocol.

  • Implementation Guides

–> Added 13 new implementation guides covering tasks: Make Compost, Spread Fungal Compost, Add Soil Amendments/Fertilizers To Compost Pile, Food Forest Design (Plan the Food Forest, Food Forest With Swales Layout, Food Forest Layout), Garden Design, Site Clearing, Staking Out the Layout, Initial Garden Prep, Late Winter Sowing Under Cover, Sow Cool-Season Crops Outdoor, Transplant Cool Season Crops Outdoor, Sow Warm Season Crops Under Cover, Sow Warm Season Crops Outdoor, Transplant Warm Season Crops Outdoor, Transplant Cool/Cold Season Crops, Sow Fall and Winter Crops, Fall/Winter Garden Prep, General garden care – watering, weeding, mulching, Sow Green Manure Crops, Harvesting.

  • Calendar

–> Added 7 new Food Growing Calendars – lite versions of the full calendar, focusing only on food forest and permaculture garden related tasks.

–> Added new gardening tasks: Garden Design, Initial Garden Prep, Harvesting.

–> Edited: Spring Garden Prep renamed to Garden Prep and extended across the growing season

–> Added new farm setup tasks: Staking out the Layout, Site Clearing.

  • Farmer’s Vault

–> Added new worksheets – Cover Crops List, Food Forest Planning Spreadsheet, Permaculture Garden Planning Spreadsheet, Permaculture Garden Planting Spreadsheet, Permaculture Garden Harvesting/Storing Spreadsheet.

–> Added new directory – Networking Database


  • Calendar

-> Added 7 new Food Forest Calendars – lite versions of the main calendar, focusing only on food forest related tasks.

–> Added new task to the Site Analysis/Monitoring category: ‘Measure tree growth’

–> Added new tasks to the Soil Management category: ‘Make Compost’ , ‘Spread Compost’, ‘Add Soil Amendments Fertilizers To Compost Pile’

–> Adapted tasks: ‘Foliar Fertilization’, ‘Add Soil Amendments and Fertilizers’

  • Implementation Guides

–> Added two new guides: ‘Foliar Fertilization’, ‘Add Soil Amendments and Fertilizers’ (PIC full only)

  • General platform updates

–> Added new section on the Calendar page –> ‘Thematic Calendars’

–> Added new page ‘Protocols’


  • Calendar

-> Added new tasks to the soil management category: ‘Frost Seeding’ (temperate climate calendar only)

–> Added new tasks to the gardening category: ‘Sow Green Manure Crops’ 

  • Implementation Guides

–> Added new guides as part of the Food Forest Establishment Bundle: #1 Test the soil (earthworks), #2 Survey the site, #3 Install swales, #4 Summer cover cropping, #5 Apply Compost tea

  • Farmer’s Vault

–> Added new worksheet/calendar extension – Food Forest Planning Dashboard

–> Added new working documents to soil management category: 

  • Managing Cover Crops Profitably
  • USDA Cover Crop Chart
  • Cover Crops Solutions Chart
  • Determining Soil Texture by Feel Flow chart
  • Comprehensive Assessment of Soil Health – The Cornell Framework
  • General platform updates

–> Added an Upgrade Page (PIC starter and intermediate)

–> Enabled Comments on What’s New page


  • Calendar

-> Added new tasks to the planning category: Spring Review, Summer Review, Fall Review, Final Review

  • Implementation Guides

–> Added new guides as part of the Late Winter Bundle: Mulching, Taking Hardwood Cuttings, Planning the Garden and Spring Garden Preparations.

  • Farmer’s Vault

–> Added new section – Suppliers

–> Added a database of Vegetable Seed suppliers

–> Added new worksheet/calendar extension – Yearly Planning Dashboard

  • General platform updates

–> Added a Start Here page


  • Calendar

–> Added 6 new calendars, covering all temperate zone climates for both hemispheres

–> Added multiple new tasks for the gardening category for the temperate climate calendar 

  • Implementation Guides

–> Added new guides: Seed Stratification (Cold) – Outdoor / Indoor, Yearly Review, Prepare Nursery Beds, Test the Soil (soil organisms)

  • Farmer’s Vault

–> Added new section – Worksheets/Calendar Add-Ons

—> Added new worksheet/calendar extension –  Farm Log Center – an all-in-one dashboard where you can log all of your farm activities, observations, soil tests, inputs…



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