STARTING A NEW Garden Protocol

Welcome, on this page you’ll find the permaculture garden establishment protocol that’s specifically developed for a scenario where you’re kicking off your annual food production from a piece of land.

Regardless of the size of garden space in question this protocol outlines the workflow that gets you from point zero, a bare scratch of land, to your first harvest within that growing season.

Starting a new garden protocol has 6 steps: 1) Plan the garden, 2) Define layout, 3) Initial garden prep, 4) Planting, 5) General garden care, and 6) Harvesting.

How to make an initial selection of vegetables you’ll be growing.

How to choose an appropriate layout for your permaculture garden.

How to prep your garden beds for planting.

How and when to sow your seeds or transplant your seedlings.

How to do general maintance tasks: watering, weeding, and mulching

How to harvest and store your garden crops.

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