Welcome, on this page you’ll find a food forest establishment protocol that’s specifically developed for a scenario where you want a food forest with swales and plant everything in the SPRING.

The protocol consists of eight tasks executed in this order: 1) Plan the food forest, 2) Define a layout, 3) Site clearing, 4) Test the soil, 5) Site survey, 6) Install swales, 7) Bare root planting, and 8) Mulching.

All these steps are squeezed into a timeframe from winter to, at latest, late spring as there is a definite deadline when you can plant bare-root trees, put down some mulch to smother weeds after you exposed the soil, and when you can last sow cover crops before the heat of the summer kicks in.

How to make a selection of desirable trees and shrubs for your food forest.

How to choose an appropriate layout for your food forest.

How to do site clearing and remove the existing vegetation.

How to test your soil with just the basic accessories so that you know how to design your swales and earthworks in general.

How to survey your site with both low-tech and high-tech tools so that you can accurately mark the swale outline on the site

How to plan, install and maintain your swales so that you can supply all the water that your food forest will ever need.

How to plant bare root trees and shrubs.

How to mulch planted trees and shrubs.

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