Existing Garden Protocol

Welcome, on this page you’ll find the existing permaculture garden protocol that’s specifically developed for a scenario where you already have a garden and now the priority is sustaining and increasing production.

The existing garden protocol has 7 steps: 1) Plan the garden, 2) Garden prep, 3) Planting,  4) General garden care,  5) Apply compost tea, 6) Harvesting, 7a) Fall garden prep, and 7b) Sow green manure crops.

In this protocol, in addition to the standard gardening tasks, you now put more emphasis on soil building and fertility with compost tea applications and deliberate longer-term soil fertility management such as fall garden prep and sowing green manure crops.

How to make an initial selection of vegetables you’ll be growing.

How to prep your garden beds for planting.

How and when to sow your seeds or transplant your seedlings.

How to do general maintance tasks: watering, weeding, and mulching

How to brew and apply compost tea.

How to harvest and store your garden crops.

How to prepare your garden beds for fall and winter months.

How to sow cover crops to cover bare soil and rebuild the organic matter and fertility of the garden beds. 

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