Welcome, on this page, you’ll find your full yearly month-by-month permaculture calendar.

The Permaculture Implementation Calendar is the first of its kind and encompasses all the diverse aspects of permaculture farm establishment and maintenance.

It gives you a complete overview of what needs to happen and when, along with the important windows of opportunity and deadlines. By referring to it you’ll be always implementing relevant and timely permaculture techniques that are suitable for your climate.

This will help you to simplify your farm projects, plan your time realistically and focus on timely and important tasks.

There are, in total, seven calendars you can access below:

Temperate climate (oceanic)

North Hemisphere II South Hemisphere

Temperate climate (continental)

North Hemisphere II South Hemisphere

Mediterranean climate

North Hemisphere II South Hemisphere

Boreal climate

North Hemisphere 

Subtropical climate

North Hemisphere II South Hemisphere


If you have any recommendations on how to make the calendars better then please let me know. I’m always looking for ways to make these more useful for you.


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