Welcome to the program!

Welcome, and congratulations on joining the Permaculture Implementation Calendar (PIC). I’m so glad to have you here.

You now have access to the world’s first specialized training on permaculture implementation with a set of practical tools that show you exactly WHAT to do, WHEN, and HOW.

Here’s a quick video I’d like you to watch first:

Video Summary:

This online program is specifically designed for permaculture farmers and homesteads who are starting out with their farm or homestead development, who are mostly doing things on their own, and need practical guidance on implementation.

The program provides you with the practical tools so you know exactly WHAT to do WHEN, and HOW, with a specific focus on growing food.

There are three main sections:

SECTION 1: YOUR YEARLY PLAN —> This part of the program explains WHAT to do this year
SECTION 2: YOUR PLUG-AND-PLAY PROTOCOLS —> This part of the program explains HOW to do WHAT
BONUS SECTION: Farmer’s Vault

The learning flow of this training is to first go through Yearly Plan lesson, then Plug and Play Protocols, and finally Permaculture Calendar.

What to do next:

Step 1. Join the private Facebook community, and then introduce yourself and tell us a bit more about your personal permaculture journey.

If you don’t have or don’t want to use Facebook as your primary mean of communicating with others, alternatively, you join can join a Telegram group.

Step 2. Proceed to the Your Yearly Plan section.



    Sorry, but I don’t know how to use facebook. I can’t figure out how to send in a photo. thats on my I phone
    album. they said I have to send it in before I can join

  2. papprentice

    Facebook keeps surprising me with their rules. Let me look into it and I’ll get back to you via email.

  3. Billy Sonntag

    I’m not going to do the Facebook thing. Tell everyone I said hello and good luck. I do do Instagram ( for now ) and my screen name is Billysunday.

    • papprentice

      I still do Facebook personally and have the Permaculture Conversion Community on the platform. But, I’m actively looking for other means of running a forum and a platform to connect and communicate.


        Have you considered using Telegram as a platform for asking questions and exchanging ideas?

        • papprentice

          Thanks for the suggestion. I will definitely include that for people who don’t use Facebook. Great idea…

  4. Yash Menpara

    I don’t use facebook, instagram, twitter, Pinterest etc..I know facebook has its own use in learning but I have deleted it 7 years ago and I never felt I am missing it. Pinterest also has its own use and I found many permacuture guild diagram on Pinterest, but still am not member of Pinterest. I use whatsapp and telegram. I think telegram is better then whatsapp for large audience over 200 members. I use it to learn Biodiversity Gardening for Indian climate.

    • papprentice

      Telegram got upvoted already. Let me set that up then.

  5. Sister Maria Philomena MICM

    Dear William, I can’t seem to get Telegram to work. I’ve downloaded the desktop application, but the link to join the group won’t accept Telegram as the application to open, and I can’t find the group from Telegram itself. Is there another link we can use?

  6. Sister Maria Philomena MICM

    Never mind . . . I tried for the umpteenth time — and it worked! Sorry!


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