There is an open secret amongst us permaculturists…

We all want a fully functioning permaculture farm yesterday.

…swales hydrating the landscape, food forests producing an abundance of fruits and nuts, soil teeming with life, gardens full of produce…

In the light of the changing climate, decreasing food quality and security, political and economic instability… there is that nagging feeling that there is no time to waste and that we should already have everything up and running.

But setting up a permaculture farm is just not that easy, if it were you probably wouldn’t be reading this, instead, you would be sitting somewhere in the shade of your food forest striking up conversations with the birds, lizards, bees and other thriving wildlife while munching on that beyond-organic apple of yours.

You see, only rarely do the stars align in such a way that we have enough money and resources, encouragement and support of our family or spouse, or volunteers lining up to help us with our projects.

Usually, it’s just us alone, wearing 15 different hats, doing all the research, collecting all the data, planting all the trees, and maintaining everything we’ve got going, all while working full time on some other job.

Now there isn’t a magic bullet that can change the fact the fact that you don’t have the time, the help, or the resources to get everything you’d wish to done.

But there is a system that can help you use your time more efficiently, that can help you save money and use your resources wisely, that can help you be more organized and resourceful.

A system that is specifically developed to help people like you, who are doing it on their own, and you have already dipped your toes into it.

You’ve got the permaculture calendar and maybe you’ve got some Implementation Guides, but now if you’re ready to take your farm development up a level, start making significant progress and graduate from a novice to a more serious permaculture farmer I have a special offer for you.


This is the world’s first comprehensive program that covers all practical aspects of the permaculture implementation on a farm/homestead.

The PIC (Starter Edition) or PIC (Winter Bundle Edition) you have already received are just streamlined versions of the full program.

Overall, the PIC Complete Edition has four main components that are all intertwined and complement each other.

Permaculture Calendar

This the tool at the core of the system that gives you a comprehensive yearly overview of WHAT to do, and WHEN to do it.

You’ve already got the calendar but in the PIC Complete Edition, it has additional powerful features/modules that extend its functionality.

These include project planning, farm monitoring, weather, and climate dashboard… Plus we are constantly adding new modules (see Farmer’s Vault below)

Video Lessons 

This is the video component of the program broken down into five lessons (each around 20 minutes).

Concise and to the point, these five strategy videos take you through the stages of planning, implementing, maintaining and finally using the yearly calendar and its additional features.

Implementation Guides

These are the step-by-step instructions that show you WHAT to do, and WHEN to do it.

You might have seen some of these but there are many more, as many as you can see on the permaculture calendar, that’s close to a hundred.

I’m releasing these bundles in stages and you’ll get access to all these as a PIC (Complete Edition) customer at no additional cost!

Instead of paying $20 for each bundle separately you get all the implementation guides as they are published PLUS all the additional benefits of the upgrade, so you pay less for more.

STEP 4. Farmer’s Vault

This is a PIC logistics center with an ever-growing database of farm setup working documents, worksheets/modules that expand calendar functionality, lists of suppliers and other relevant networking directories…

Everything here is added with one purpose only; to make your day-to-day farm operations less challenging and more efficient.

The whole point of the full PIC system is to make your life easier and to help you achieve better results with less effort. This is how it’s structured, this is what it’s designed for, this is what my ultimate promise to you is.

With the PIC (Complete Edition) in your hands at any point in the year you can open the calendar to get the big-picture view of what needs to happen. When you decide on the tasks with a click of a button you’ll be given easy-to-follow instructions, and the logistics of the project will be already sorted as you’ll know what tools and materials you need and where to source them…

You’ll be ready to start preparing and doing something practical in minutes while others will need days, weeks or even months to get to the same point of execution. This is what the PIC (Complete Edition) will do for you and this is how your life will change.

Now because you’re a valued customer, and as you’ve already decided to invest in the Permaculture Implementation Calendar, as a thank you for your continued business I’m going to make a special limited-time offer.

First, as you can read above I’m currently rolling out the Implementation Guides as bundles, meaning not all of them are done just yet but when they will the program will be worth 4x more and I’ll adjust the price to reflect that.

As an insider, I’m telling you this before anyone else. I don’t mind you waiting, actually profit-wise for me that’s even better but I always have your best interests in mind so I wanted you to know this.

Second, on top of not having to pay $1,200 for the full program, I’m going to even further discount the full $299 price by deducting what you’ve already paid.

For example, if you bought PIC Food Forest Establishment Bundle for $67, I’m going to deduct that and ask you for $232 for the PIC (Complete Edition).

All right, now before I realize how severely I’m underpricing everything and change my mind, if you’re ready to jump on this offer, here’s what I want you to do.

Step 1. Send me an email saying that you wish to upgrade to the PIC (Complete Edition). Put in the email subject [PIC Upgrade] so I know that you’re an existing customer.

Step 2. After I find you in my system, I’ll issue you a discount code that you can use when purchasing the upgrade.

Step 3. Then, click here, enter your discount code and purchase the upgrade to the PIC (Complete Edition).

With that, I thank you for your continuous support and let’s carry on with changing the world to a better place, one permaculture farm at a time, together.

Talk soon,


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