Welcome to the protocols page, here you’ll find information about various farm setup procedures.

The protocols outline a blueprint for achieving a specific goal, for example, yearly food forest maintenance, soil improvement works prior to planting a food forest, bare-field to garden transformation, establishing a permaculture orchard from scratch …

Each protocol maps out a set of specific tasks you need to do, the order in which you need to do them, and the ideal timing to aim for.



Do more this year, start your season early.

Five “mission-critical” late-winter farm tasks – gardening, plant propagation and food forests.

Tags: food forest, gardening, plant propagation, late-winter



Transform a new patch of ground or an area to a food forest.

The initial prep work for the fall planting of the trees and shrubs that includes planning and implementing your swales and supercharging the soil with cover crops and compost tea.

Tags: food forest, spring



Grow and maintain your woody perennial food crops.

Soil prep work, planting and yearly maintenance of trees and shrubs.

Tags: food forests, year-round



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