Welcome to Module 4 – DETAILED DESIGN.

Now that have the overall layout of your farm or homestead on a conceptual level, you can zoom into different parts or specific areas of interest and work out the details.

On this page you’ll find a series of detailed design guides you can use to plan the specifics of water systems, infrastructure, food growing systems, and so on. You use these as your reference point in making detailed designs and implementation.

Currently there is a set of detailed design guides that include instructions for creating basic layouts for gardens, orchards, food forests, agroforestry systems and homestead infrastructure. More will be coming as periodic updates to the Permaculture Farm Design course and you will get access to all of them for free.

The most important thing at this stage is that you hit the ground running and start doing something on the site today. 

Use the detailed design guides to work out the necessary design specifics and generate bills of quantities, and then implement and test your ideas in the real world, refining the details based on the feedback, and redesigning as necessary.

If you feel unsure about your actions and need help, then click the big red button at the bottom of this page and contact me directly. I’ll be happy to help you move forward!


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