Video Lesson Summary:

After thorough site assessment and with your basemap ready you can sit down at the drawing board and start to unfold your design.

In this lesson you’ll get an overview of the conceptual planning and the design framework you’ll be using to come up with the design.

The conceptual planning stage focuses on creating an overall pattern of your property layout, outlining major site features – water systems, infrastructure, and functional areas.

To create a design you use permaculture the design framework consisting of three layers; ethics, principles, methods

You internalize and learn the ethics and principles to guide your thinking and use methods of design. For conceptual planning phase, keyline design, zone and sector planning to actually draw a design.

The initial design you come up is just preliminary and you need to revise and reconfigure it based on the reality of the site.

Action Steps:

STEP 1. Explore the resources below to learn more about ethics, principles, and design methods. (Est. time required: variable)

STEP 2. Download or make a copy of the ‘Permaculture Property Design’ cheatsheet. Use it as a reference as you plan your property in the coming lessons. (Est. time required: 5 min.)

STEP 3. Download the Google Earth KMZ file for the upcoming design lessons. (Est. time required: 5 min.)

STEP 4. Proceed to the next video lesson: Water Systems Planning


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