On this page, you’ll find all the relevant information about updates to the Permaculture Farm Design course.

If at any time you have specific recommendations about how to improve the system let me know by leaving a comment below or by filling out this form.


  • General Platform Updates

–> New layout with new pages (start here, goals and context, site assessment, concept design)

  • Video Lessons

–> Improved audio and video presentation on all videos

–> Updated the site assessment lesson

  • Detailed Design Guides

–> Updated the food forest design guide section

  • Designer’s Vault

–> Added new bonus ‘permaculture farm design case study’

–> New page layout with sections

–> Added design implementation section

–> Added implementation planning worksheet


  • General Platform Updates

–> New layout with new pages (start here, designer’s vault, detailed design guides)

–> New course structure focused on developing the whole farm layout and then working out the details in a detailed design + implementation loop

  • Video Lessons

–> Added nine new video lesson

  • Detailed Design Guides

–> Added 5 new guides detailing how to create basic layouts for gardens, orchards, food forests, agroforestry systems, and homestead infrastructure

  • Designer’s Vault

–> Added new bonus ‘climate observation dashboard’





    Still having issues downloading the videos. Shame because with satellite internet, I can watch them, but they are fuzzy and constantly self pausing.


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