Design your first fruit tree guild in 10 minutes by using a simple form & function method.

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I’m William Horvath, geologist turned permaculture farmer. In the last few years I’ve transitioned from working for the man and being trapped in the consumer-driven system to spending my days on my permaculture farm and doing my bit in restoring the landscape to the beauty we once took for granted.

I left my secure and well-paid job to pursue a more meaningful and resilient life because I believe the best way to ensure an abundant future for myself and my family is by starting a permaculture farm and playing an active role in providing for our needs

One of my main goals today is to create a lush green landscape with acres of fully-established, mature food forest and produce an abundance of food and resources. I’m not there yet and it’s a life long journey but I already have taken the first steps towards a that food abundance, and I’m happy to share those practical steps with you…

If you’re one of my 17000 followers then you know that I take complex permaculture subjects, research them and learn from the best, test them out for myself, and then deconstruct everything I learned into simple yet practical step-by-step guides.

What I realised that key to successful food forests are plant guilds I took a deep dive into the literature and other content, and extracted the important information, condensing everything to a simple step by step plan that I following myself and I can show others how to do the same…


When I first opened, I was blown away that I hadn’t discovered it earlier! William’s ability to distill the teachings and experimentation of the permaculture greats has allowed a new generation of regenerative farmers and designers to take permaculture to the next level. Working with William is a joy, because he brings a lighthearted curiosity to his core focus: helping you succeed.”

Pete Widin

Artisan Environments, LLC

Williams content is a “go to” resource for anyone wanting to build freedom for themselves by establishing their own self reliant systems. In my opinion, he is overly generous with his all inclusive, hands on, step by step instructional material. Any contribution whether it be time, money and/or energy for his information will certainly yield 10-100Xs your investment.

Justin Rhodes

Abundant Permaculture

There are a lot of voices in Permacultre and sustainable agriculture these days, but I’ve never found one more reliable, insightful and useful as William Horvath and Permaculture Apprentice. His dedication to helping others entering regenerative farming and giving them the tools and information to succeed is apparent in all his work. The articles on the website alone are like a professional level course for agro-entrepreneurs. 

Oliver M Goshey

Owner/Director, Abundant Edge

In this session you will learn:

  • What are tree guilds and why are they important so that you finally understand what’s the big fuss about and why you shouldn’t be missing out
  • How tree guilds work and what are its components so that you know exactly which type of plants you’ll need to look for
  • The easiest way to create a tree guild using a simple form & function method so that you can finally start planting your food forest

Don’t miss youR opportunity to plant something this YEAR

“The great French Marshall Lyautey once asked his gardener to plant a tree. The gardener objected that the tree was slow growing and would not reach maturity for 100 years. The Marshall replied, ‘In that case, there is no time to lose; plant it this afternoon!’ “



– John F. Kennedy –

Trees take years to grow, it takes 20 years to get a 20-year-old tree, so think about where you are going to be in 20 years. There is no time to lose, you need to start planning right now and then plant your trees this season or you’ll have to wait for the next one.