Welcome, on this page, you’ll find your yearly month-by-month food forest calendar and other relevant links. 

The food forest calendar gives you a bird’s eye view of everything you’ll need to do in a year from planning, soil management, implementation to the maintenance of your food forest.

Click the links below to access the calendar for your specific climate.



Temperate climate (oceanic)

North Hemisphere II South Hemisphere



Temperate climate (continental)

North Hemisphere II South Hemisphere


Mediterranean climate

North Hemisphere II South Hemisphere


Boreal climate

North Hemisphere


Subtropical climate

North Hemisphere II South Hemisphere


There are several different ways you can use the calendar.

1. Create your own personalized version

By copying or downloading the Google Sheet, you’ll be able to edit the calendar, make adjustments and add your own tasks, sheets, and other information. To do so follow these instructions on how to make your own copy of the calendar.

Note: If you create your own personalized version of the calendar, be sure to check from time to time that you’re using the latest updated version. I plan on adding new tasks and new features periodically. 

2. Use the Online Calendar

This is a non-editable online version of the calendar, you can’t change or add anything to it. Here you can access the calendar as a standalone web application that’s more mobile-friendly. It’s automatically updated with any new changes or additions to the main Calendar spreadsheet.

Bookmark the links below if you wish to have quick access to the calendars from your computer and other mobile devices.

3. Download the PDF and print it out

 Finally, you can make a physical copy of the calendar by printing it out. 

Here are the images and PDF’s of all calendars.


If you have any recommendations on how to make the calendars better then please let me know. I’m always looking for ways to make these more useful for you.

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