Welcome to the video component of the program.

Here you’ll find the five strategy videos that will take you through the stages of planning, implementing, maintaining and using the yearly calendar.

Each video lesson is tied to a specific sheet in the Permaculture Implementation Calendar and the lessons build on top of each other. In order to get the most out of this program take your time, watch the videos and do the lesson assignments.

Once you’ve gone through all the lessons, you’ll have a clear yearly plan for implementation and maintenance, you’ll know how to successfully execute your yearly permaculture projects and how to use the Calendar to its full capacity.

A short introductory video just to set some expectations and explain what the Permaculture Implementation Calendar system is all about.

Defining the site specifics and the vision for the farm so that you understand your context.

Identifying all the tasks that need to happen and prioritizing them so that you know where to put your time, money and energy and at what time.

Detailing different implementation protocols (best practices) and steps so that you know how to implement and what to expect.

Identifying maintenance tasks and monitoring your farm system so that you’re always on top of everything and in due time.

“Over-the-shoulder walkthrough” of how to use the calendar and plan yearly projects realistically so that you can start implementing immediately.

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