Thank you for joining the Permaculture Implementation Calendar (PIC) program, I’m thrilled to have you here.

You now have access to the complete Permaculture Implementation Calendar system. The world’s first month-by-month practical permaculture calendar, guide, and implementation video course.

Overall, the system has four main components:

  • Permaculture Calendar – the tool at the core of the system that gives you a comprehensive yearly overview of WHEN to do WHAT
  • Implementation Guides – step-by-step instructions that show you HOW to do WHAT
  • Video Lessons – five strategy videos that help you plan and execute your yearly permaculture projects
  • Farmer’s Vault – a PIC logistics center with an ever-growing database of farm setup working documents, add-ons that expand calendar functionality, lists of suppliers…

With the PIC in your hands, you can plan your year in advance and have that essential clarity of knowing which projects are important. At any time of the year you can refer to the calendar and you’ll know exactly WHAT to do and, with the written step-by-step instructions, you’ll know exactly HOW to do it.

In other words…

Whenever you’re planning on doing something on your farm, from now on you simply open the calendar, see what is critical and at what time of the year and then, at the click of a button, you’ll receive step-by-step instructions that will help you implement your projects.

Now you can speed up your farm development and create your permaculture abundance twice as fast without the familiar feeling of being totally overwhelmed.



STEP 1. Bookmark this page

I recommend that you bookmark this page so that you can easily access everything related to the Permaculture Implementation Calendar.

Since this is a membership website, you’ll need to log in first in order to view the content. You have received your login information in an email that you got when you signed up for the PIC. If you forget your password at any time, don’t worry you can easily request a new on the login form.   




STEP 2. Join the community

If you use Facebook, send a request to join the private Facebook groupThis group is all about getting feedback about your projects and offers a forum for mutual support and encouragement. You can get the hold of me there plus many others that are on the same journey as you.



STEP 3. Watch the video lessons

Start by watching the video lessons first. The videos will guide you through using the main feature of the system, the calendar master sheet, and they’ll help you in planning and implementing your projects.

If you decide that you don’t need all the powerful features that PIC master sheet has to offer, skip to the next step. But make sure to watch the introductory video to understand what the Permaculture Implementation Calendar system is all about and how to use it.



STEP 4. Explore the Permaculture Calendar

>>> Click here to access the Permaculture Calendar <<<

This spreadsheet will be your starting point in using the system. It gives you the big picture view of everything you could potentially do on your permaculture farm in a given year.

Use this as your planning tool and refer to it when you want to know what are the relevant monthly tasks you should be focusing on.



STEP 5. Check out the Implementation Guides

Implementation Guides are the practical how-tos of the tasks you’ll find on the calendar. Once you’re ready to implement a specific monthly task you’ll be able to explore the precise details of how to do it exactly.

These will help you with the logistics, organization, and execution of your permaculture projects.

The Implementation Guides are rolled out as bundles, and you can access them here.


 STEP 6. Visit the Farmer’s Vault

Farmer’s Vault is the PIC logistics centre, everything related to the logistics of farm setup operations is there in one place.

Look around to see how everything is laid out and what’s currently there. Make note of what’s going to be useful so that you know where to find it.

We add new things to the Farmer’s Vault regularly so there is always something new that might be useful to you at your current stage of development.

STEP 7. See the latest updates to the calendar

Finally, from time to time be sure to check out what’s new. I’m constantly improving everything and since you have the lifetime access you can expect updates that will make the system even more effective over time

We’ll update you by email as well but here you’ll have all the details in one spot.



If at any time you feel stuck, have questions about your permaculture projects or need advice from me privately, click the big red link below and contact me directly. I’m here to help! Usually, I respond within 24h unless it’s Sunday…



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