Welcome to Module 5: PROPERTY SELECTION

You’ve looked and assessed multiple properties and created a profile for each (Module 4), now you set them side by side, see how they compare and make the final decision.

The thing is, in reality, no piece of land will be a perfect blend of everything you are looking for. Instead, the properties will be imperfect, each in their own way, and you’ll have to negotiate with yourself which things to let go, and weigh up different factors before you can make the final decision.

Since most people lack experience or confidence in this final stage of site selection, I created a site-selection checklist to help you in this decision-making process.

Watch the video below to get started.

Video Lesson Summary:

In this lesson, we’ve talked about comparing inevitable trade-offs that each property will have and choosing the best property among your final options.

To help you in this process you’ll get access to site-selection checklist with weighted scores for each criteria.

Before you start using it, you’ll first need to take the site selection criteria you created in Module 2 and check if the property in question satisfies all the non-negotiable requirements.

Then, you’ll run the remaining property features, the negotiable ones, through the checklist, tally up the scores, and see at a glance how the property in question stands.

And in case you are trying to decide between two or more properties, you’ll get a clear winner and can be confident it’s the best choice for you.

Action Steps:

Step 1. Take your site selection criteria (M2L1) and go through your property assessment sheet (M4L2) to check if the property in question satisfies all the non-negotiable requirements (Max 30 min). 

Step 2. If it does, move on to evaluating “nice-to-haves” and trade-offs: Assign numeric values from 1-5 to each feature on the site selection checklist and get a rating for the property (Max 2h).

Step 3. Based on the scores, choose the most suitable property for you.



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