In this phase of the property assessment you’ll use Google Earth to make a whole suite of land based evaluations.

Google Earth is a fantastic tool that’s simple and easy to use and has all the satellite images and measurement tools you’ll need to collect the information about the property.


STEP 1. Download the program

First, you’ll have to download the program and get familiar with the interface if you aren’t using it already. The latest desktop version of the program is available here.

STEP 2. Import the Google Earth remote assessment tool 

Then, import a Google Earth file I’ve prepared for you to your desktop version of the program. Download the kmz. file and click FILE>OPEN in Google Earth.

Once you open the file, you’ll get a breakdown of all the things you need to look at in the sidebar, with the links to corresponding assessment step-by-step guides.

STEP 3. Perform a series of assessments about land-based features outlined below

Use Google Earth’s features and its tools to make the assessments. Access the guides by clicking below or inside the program.

  1. Activity in the neighborhood
  2. Adjacent properties – neighbors
  3. Flash flood potential 
  4. Wildfire danger
  5. Property size and shape
  6. Topography (terrain shape)
  7. Slope (steepness)
  8. Site’s aspect (microclimates)
  9. Water harvesting and storage potential
  10. Access to the property
  11. Location of the roads on the property + driveway
  12. Position and orientation of buildings
  13. Existing vegetation cover

STEP 4. Update the Property Assessment Sheet with your findings.


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