Video Lesson Summary:

When considering which region to settle in, you’ll have to consider some important big-picture factors from a self-reliance and permaculture farming perspective. These factors will be hugely impactful on everything you’ll be trying to achieve.

We’ve covered four such factors that you should take as a framework to focus your search when investigating the region in which you would like to be located.

These are:

1. Climate and Climate Change: the influence of climate on your activities and projected changes in climate in the long term
2. Natural and Manmade Safety Hazards: severe weather, earthquakes and volcanoes, and pollution risks you’ll want to avoid
3. Geopolitical Hazards: external, conflict zones and major migration paths you’ll want to avoid
4. Government Laws and Freedom: laws, taxes, and government control tendencies you’ll need to account for

Action Steps:

  1. Download or make a copy of the workbook for this lesson. In there, you’ll find a step-by-step guide on how to conduct this research.
  2. Start investigating and use the spreadsheet I prepared for you that will help you evaluate different factors.
  3. Narrow down the most suitable region based on the evaluations from the spreadsheet and your site-selection criteria.
  4. Proceed to the next lesson: M3 L2  Choosing a Locality: Where to Relocate Within the Region?.



    Filled in the spreadsheet for my region in Central Portugal and had an end result of 54? is that Favorable?
    While filling in the sheet it felt like it wasn’t too bad a place to be. The only real pain in the keyster here is that every local leadership has it’s own take on the laws, by laws and general regulations and restrictions handed down by the main governing body. Filing for a permit or even just trying to gather information on issues is frustrating because no one has the same insight. They each have their own interpretation of what’s right and what’s wrong. If you ask the same question to the same person a week later the answer will most likely be completely different from the last time. And don’t even thing of airing your frustration, that’s when the lunchbox and the koffie thermos comes out and you can wait till they’ve had their fill O~o

  2. papprentice

    54 is excellent. According to the rating from the workbook, that’s a five stars rating.

    Less than 12 = 1
    13-25 = 2
    26- 38 = 3
    39 -51 = 4
    52 or greater = 5

    In regards to local bureaucrats, it would be helpful to talk with the locals, and have someone who can explain how things work at that level.


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