Video Lesson Summary:

There are four types of location you’ll want to consider for your permaculture property. 1. Suburban edge of a city 2. Urban-rural fringe 3. Outskirts of a (small) town 4. Rural or remote.

What’s ideal is totally up to you and your plans. You’ll have to take into careful consideration the environmental conditions, people, amenities, and services you need for the high quality of life you are aiming for. Also, you’ll need to make sure that the locality can support what you want to do on your land, legally, economically, and logistically.

That’s why you’ll have to evaluate each locality by looking at six aspects: Microclimate, Safety, Community and culture, Amenities and availability of services, The local economy, Local government/regulations.

Action Steps:

  1. Download or make a copy of the workbook for this lesson. In there, you’ll find a step-by-step guide on how to conduct research about localities.
  2. Do the research and use the spreadsheet I prepared for you that will help you evaluate different factors.
  3. Select the most suitable locality based on the evaluations from the spreadsheet and your site-selection criteria.
  4. Proceed to the next module: M4 Property Assessment.


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