In this module, you’ll lock in the specific requirements that a property needs to fulfill to make it to your shortlist. Essentially, you’ll define what’s must-have and non-negotiable versus the simply “nice to haves”.

This will speed up your land hunt by focusing on relevant locations and types of properties that are the best aligned with what you want to do.

It also helps you avoid buying a plot that looks promising but would ultimately disappoint you because it lacks some crucial components.

Watch the video below to get started.

Video Lesson Summary:

In this lesson we’ve talked about creating site selection criteria based on your plans and the desired site characteristics.

We’ve split the process into defining basic land/infrastructure/location/hazard avoidance requirements – these will be quantifiable metrics that the land needs to meet to be considered as a potential purchase.

Once you’ve made a list, you’ll need to define what’s must-have and non-negotiable, so you have a minimum requirement that a property needs to fulfill before you start digging any deeper.

Action Steps:


Step 1. Download or make a copy of the workbook for this lesson. There, I’ll carefully guide you through creating your site selection criteria.

Step 2. Create your list – fill out the Site Selection Criteria sheet with your info, and separate the non-negotiables from negotiables.

Step 3. Proceed to the next module: M3. Location – Where to Buy Land?



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