Video Lesson Summary:

How much land you need depends on what projects/systems you wish to have, but it also needs to be anchored in the reality of how much time you’ll have to manage it all, how much labor you’ll be able to invest, and how many resources you’ll have at your disposal for things you want to do.

The exact numbers required will vary according to climate and land characteristics. You would need less land to achieve the same goals in a tropical rainforest biome and more in a desert or tundra. So, in this lesson, I gave you numbers for average conditions: average soil, average growing climate, average water availability, enough light for things to grow… This will allow you to get a feel for the numbers, and a good guess is better than a total lack of planning.

In calculating how much land you’ll need to think about different categories of infrastructure, personal food production, income-generating activities, wooded and wildlands. Once you sum up all the numbers for every category, this number will be your best bet on how much land you need.

Action Steps:

  1. Download or make a copy of the workbook for this lesson. In there, you’ll find the link to the land size calculator spreadsheet and instructions on how to use it.
  2. Crunch some numbers and form a guesstimate on how much land you’ll need.
  3. Proceed to the next module: M2 Site Selection Criteria.



    I appreciate having some numbers to guide how much land we need for our ideal setup. Thank you!

    • papprentice

      I’m glad it’s helpful!


    Hi William,
    I might be wrong but in the section Garden Scale Operations 1/10 – 2 acres at time around 14:40 Nursery space needs
    you say 3000sq.ft and 300 sq. m but the text says 300sq. ft and 3000 sq. m.. The former seems more plausible.
    Sorry bro’ but if I don’t ask these questions they just keep bugging me. You know what I mean right 😉
    The rest is crystal clear and has giving me a more realistic view of what I need to look for.
    Like I said in my mail. The timing of this course could not be any more on point.

    • papprentice

      Thanks for that Steve, I’ll fix that. It’s 3000sq.ft and 300 sq. m!

  3. Bassel Allahham

    Hello, Does 4-6 sheep/goats along with around 20 chickens make enough dairy and meat for a family of 4?

    • papprentice

      In my experience, that’s enough meat! About dairy not sure though, but the numbers seem right.


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