Welcome to Module 1: YOUR DREAM PROPERTY

In this module, we’ll talk about making your land plan; getting clear on the overall scope of your project, and how much land you’ll need for it.

Our main objective is to map out what you want to do with the land once you acquire it.

This would then help you:

(1) Lock-in what kinds of permaculture systems you’ll need on your land (food forests, gardens, farm infrastructure, money-making enterprises etc…)
(2) Calculate how much land you need for what you want to achieve and
(3) Make your land selection criteria; a list of features you’ll be looking for in the property ​​so you can narrow and speed up your search

Click on the links below to get started.

Defining the overall use of the property: homesteading vs farming vs farmsteading.

Determining how much land you’ll need for your project.


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